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Commercial real estate advice with a difference

We are an international real estate investment advisory business with a difference.  Our principal objective is to partner with investors in commercial real estate transactions, monetizing our knowledge, skills and experience as equity alongside our clients.    

Our core markets are the UK and Italy covering all commercial real estate sectors.   

We are a boutique property business and we prefer it that way.  So you can be sure that you will be looked after by a senior person, who is personally responsible for providing you with a quality service. 

When we need to provide additional expertise we draw from our network of trusted, talented people.

Our services can be grouped in 3 main areas;


Bringing together advisory and transaction management for the complete life cycle of an investment property.  Our group companies Charles Irvine Ltd and Charles Irvine Capital Ltd are on hand to provide support and advice on investment vehicles, structuring and financing.

  • Sourcing investment opportunities with supporting financial analysis and business plans

  • Acquisition of assets

  • Implementation of the business plan

  • Exiting from the investment

However, we do provide commercial property advice on a more traditional,  transactional model when desired;

Investment Advisory

Our consultancy service identifies winning properties and determines the best way to extract value through asset management and market timing.

  • Investment and portfolio strategy

  • Financial analysis of real estate assets

  • Property benchmarking

  • Market research

Transaction Management

We carry out sales and acquisitions in our core markets.  We have experience in the major commercial sectors: retail, logistics, hospitality, alternatives and land but our favourite asset class is offices.  We have worked on institutional property, but we’ve also bought and sold some really messy real estate, in bad times as well as good, so we believe we’re well qualified to help.  Our services include;

  • Sourcing property investment opportunities

  • Purchase and sale management

  • Due diligence and purchase support

  • Designing sales and marketing strategy



Charles Irvine Real Estate Ltd. Registered in England: 10147434. Registered Address: 8th Floor Becket House, 36 Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DD, United Kingdom.

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